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Fast – Affordable – Dependable

Goins Plastic Source brings over two decades of experience in thermoformed part design and sales to the industry.  We specialize in the custom design and manufacture of plastic packaging solutions, such as portion control trays and clamshell containers, for use in foodservice and food-packaging  applications, as well as many other custom-packaging applications. Along with custom packaging solutions, we offer a superior line of plastic pallets, perfect for meeting the growing restrictions against the use of wood pallets within numerous food processing, warehousing, and shipping applications.

Our mission is to provide our customers with fast design and production at an affordable price and deliver those finished products on time with exceptional quality.




             Custom Plastic Solutions                                     Portion Control Trays

Clam shell Containers


                Plastic Pallets                                              Returnable plastic containers



What can Goins Plastic Source provide for your business?


  1. A personalized business partnership that you can rely upon.
  2. Customized services to fit your specific packaging, processing, and shipping needs.
  3. The flexibility to take on any project, no matter how large or small.
  4. State-of-the-art equipment, for the design and production of your parts.
  5. Some of the shortest lead-times in the industry.
  6. Quality custom-tooling and parts productions at prices you can afford.
  7. Truckload quantities of your parts available for immediate shipment.
  8. A knowledgeable and friendly staff, available to you around the clock.
  9. A personal commitment to providing your company with the professional services and quality products on which we have built our reputations.


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