Returnable Plastic Containers

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Plasco Designs Inc.

Specializes in the manufacture and distribution of plastic shipping totes and lids for use in the food processing industry.  Our high-quality line of plastic totes are available in a variety of sizes and colors, and are perfect for the work in process (WIP) needs of poultry and other food processing companies.

Returnable Containers

Our plastic food storage containers are a third-generation design. Increased radii in critical low temperature impact areas result in increased cycles with far less breakage. Most importantly, these design improvements translate into a reduction in foreign matter contamination to your supply chain.


  • Longest lasting tote in the industry
  • Newly designed ergonomic handles for easier lifting
  • Improved rim design for strength and sanitation
  • Detachable lid that will fit any size
  • Fully compatible with existing products
  • Cross-stack for extremely stable load movement on pallets without need for shrink wrapping
plastic storage containers
pallet box
plastic storage containers with lids
containers with lids

Model #


Inside top measurements


Volume Capacity



70lb Capacity

24” x 16”


1.9 cu. ft.

5.5 lbs.


70lb Capacity

24” x 16”


1.9 cu. ft

4.5 lbs.


40lb Capacity

24” x 16”


1.5 cu. ft

4.0 lbs.


30lb Capacity

24” x 16”


1.1 cu. ft.

3.4 lbs.


40lb Capacity

24” x 16”


1.2 cu. ft.

4.2 lbs.


Lid for all above containers

24” x 16”



2.2 lbs.

All containers are available with or without holes to accommodate ice & CO2

All containers are available in a variety of colors

Our returnable containers are USDA/FDA approved and are some of the easiest totes to clean in the industry. All of our totes have the same inside top measurement of 24″ x 16″ allowing them to use the same lid and be easily stacked or nested.


Re-enforced rim design that makes our corners the strongest in the industry.


Our products include a newly designed ergonomic handle.



All totes can come with drainage holes or without to accommodate for ice and CO2 packing and are available in almost any color.



Parts are tested from every production run for impact resistance under normal and sub-zero conditions.



Truck load quantities available.

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