Returnable WIP System

Returnable Work-In-Progress System

The Goins Plastic Source/Plasco Designs WIP System takes two of the food processing industry’s best products and combines them to create the most efficient, cost-effective, durable, and cleanest work-in-process system on the market today.

Every dura pallet is equipped with ribs on the surface and a perimeter lip to hold stacked totes in place. This allows the user to transport the totes around a facility without the need for shrink-wrap or other securing mechanisms. Along with the ribs the pallet is equipped with sloped drainage channels and drain holes in the feet to allow for easy and thorough washing. Our newly engineered pallet design also allows for totes to be nested and stacked upside down for drying after washing.

All totes and pallets are USDA/FDA approved for food contact and are eligible for our buyback program at the end of their life cycle.

main wip system
stacked totes

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