Thermoform Packaging

Production Equipment

Our production equipment includes multiple thermoform machines in varying sizes and production technology. Goins Plastic Source uses both cut-in-place and post-trim equipment to offer a wide selection for your packaging needs. Our design and production team know how to align your project with the manufacturing technology that will optimize your time and cost.

Our on site tool shop allows us to greatly enhance our manufacturing capabilities and reduce your cost and production time.

 All products are USDA/FDA & SQF® certified.

Customers can choose industry standard cavity configurations or customize their own configuration in as little as 2 weeks.

Our thermoformed products are made with Oriented Polystyrene (OPS) with the option of Modified Oriented Polystyrene (MOPS) to withstand blast or quickfreeze operations.

plastic storage containers
pallet box
plastic storage containers with lids
containers with lids

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